Even in complex estate plans, a will is still a central component. The will determines how all components of an estate plan work together to provide for loved ones after you are gone.

That is why, as part of our comprehensive estate planning practice, our law firm of Shjeflo, Riley & Cruz LLP offers will drafting services to clients throughout Northern California. An experienced Bay Area wills lawyer from our firm can analyze your financial position, your family situation, and your goals — and draft a clear and comprehensive will that meets your specific needs.

A San Mateo wills lawyer provides peace of mind

Many companies offer do-it-yourself form wills, claiming that you can save money by preparing a will without the help of a California wills attorney. This may seem tempting, but it can often cost your loved ones in the end. Form wills use stock language that is often unclear. This can lead to disagreements among beneficiaries as to the meaning of certain provisions. These disagreements can quickly escalate into estate litigation, putting a severe financial burden upon your estate and, more importantly, creating strife among your loved ones.

In addition, form wills are not always comprehensive and may not address all the property in your estate. When the terms of the will do not cover estate property, a probate court must distribute the property by percentages to family members in accordance with the California Probate Code. The probate process can lead to confusion and disputes over specific pieces of property.

When you work with a San Francisco wills attorney from Shjeflo, Riley & Cruz LLP, you can mitigate these risks. Our clients know that they can count on our experienced professionals to draft a will that meets their specific estate planning goals. Our estate planning attorneys work with clients to learn the details of their financial and family situation and to construct an estate plan and will that addresses all their concerns.

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