Homeowners Associations

Homeowners Associations

The experienced attorneys at Shjeflo, Riley & Cruz LLP represent homeowners as well as homeowners associations and condominium owners associations. Our committed team of lawyers provides proactive legal guidance to prevent homeowner disputes in California.

We work to prevent litigation by drafting comprehensive and clear documents. However, if a dispute arises, we are prepared to defend the interests of our clients throughout Northern California.

Qualified attorneys handling a variety of homeowners association issues

If you are the manager of a homeowners association or condominium association and are having problems with your members, Shjeflo, Riley & Cruz LLP may be able to help. We specialize in resolving the following types of issues:

Helping you navigate homeowner association laws in California

Most people do not realize how much control a homeowners association or condominium association can lawfully exercise over community members. In California, homeowners associations are governed by bylaws and a declaration of covenants. Bylaws establish who runs the association and how they run it, while covenants restrict how homeowners use the property. Regulations can include substantial matters, such as the size and style of home that a homeowner can construct. However, they can also include more mundane matters — the number of cars homeowners can store, whether a person can hang clothes on clotheslines, the types of facades a homeowner can install, etc.

If you’ve purchased real estate in a community with homeowners association or condominium association rules that are interfering with your use and enjoyment of your property, our firm may be able to assist you. Generally, an association can enforce a rule or regulation if it is reasonable and is rationally related to the homeowners association’s interests in protecting member property. However, a homeowner might still have a valid challenge. Our experienced California attorneys can help you determine your rights and how to exercise them most effectively.

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